Emotion Card version 2.0 English

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Emotion Card version 2.0 English

1 rating

The Emotion Card is are powerful tool to facilitate the processes of reflection in experiential education.
You can read some information on how to prepare it at the following link: http://bit.ly/Emotion_Card

Version 2.0

New features include:

  • 24 new emotion card (mostly positives)

Buy, Free or Free & Share?
It is not my intention to gain from the sale, but I would like you gave a value to this tool. If you give him a value, maybe you do not forget in some folder on your computer but will use it as an important tool.

I propose three ways to download:

- Free if you download it to let the computer ... not download it.

- Free and Share: we make a trade ... you download it and in return it advertises within your blog, website, facebook page, or email. Here is the link:

http://bit.ly/Emotion_Card and here the code for embed

<script src="https://gumroad.com/js/gumroad.js"></script>

<a class="gumroad-button" href="https://gum.co/Emotion_Card_English" target="_blank">Compra il mio prodotto</a>

- Buy: you decide the value that you give this tool.

Here you can download the Italian version: https://gumroad.com/l/Emotion_Card_Italian

I want this!
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